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Which goals are shown inside reviews?
Which goals are shown inside reviews?
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As you create a new review cycle, you can include the goals as a set of questions in the review. After choosing the set of questions for review, you can add the goals of the reviewee into the review as a question set.

Step 1

To activate this feature, you can turn the "Add goals owned by the reviewee as a question set" option on in the ''Goal related questions'' section.

Step 2

  • If needed, you can exclude the subgoals by only including the ''parent goals'' in the review cycle.

  • Alternatively, you have the option to include goals with custom weights in the review to be evaluated.

  • To learn more about these concepts, please click on the ''Learn more'' text located next to the sections.

  • Then, you can easily choose the goal types to be included in the review by checking the boxes next to them. Remember that you can include the custom goal types as well. You can choose the one or the ones you want from the three options.

Step 3

After you choose the goal types to be included, you can select the goal periods to be included in the review.

  • Only the goals that are started and ended in the review period: If you choose this option, only the goals that are started and ended in the review period will be displayed.

  • All goals that are active in the review period: If you choose this option, this will add all the goals that are active during the review period, however, the goals' start and end dates should fall in the review period.

Step 4

Lastly, select the question type for the goal-related questions.

  • Free form: Open text questions allowing participants to freely express opinions.

  • Multiple choice: You can go with ''Satisfactory, Not Satisfactory, Above Average, Failed, etc.'' for review participants to select from. Optionally, you may allow multiple answers to be selected or ask for additional comments to be inserted.

  • Rating: The review participants need to select a score for the progress performed. If the rating numbers stand for a definitive meaning, you may want to utilize the ''Instructions'' section at the top of the ''goal-related questions'' section. Optionally, you may ask for additional comments on the progress achieved.

To summarize, you can follow these simple steps to customize which goals to be included in the performance appraisal and both the employee and their direct manager will be able to evaluate the progress achieved accordingly.

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