How can I use the demo environment?
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Welcome to Teamflect's Demo Environment! Here, you can freely explore our app and its features without worrying about affecting real company data. Our Demo Environment is designed to give you a hands-on experience, allowing you to create goals, tasks, send out surveys, provide feedback, and utilize all eight modules available in Teamflect.

Why Use the Demo Environment?

The primary benefit of the Demo Environment is to familiarize yourself with the app's functionality without the fear of making mistakes in your actual company's data. By immersing yourself in this sandbox environment, you can learn how to navigate the app, understand its features, and experiment with various configurations.

Accessing the Demo Environment

Accessing the Demo Environment is simple:

  1. Click on your name: Locate your name at the bottom left corner of your Teamflect app.

  2. Switch to Demo: Click on "Switch to Demo" to enter the Demo Environment.

Upon entering the Demo Environment, you'll find yourself in a simulated workspace where you can interact with different user roles and their corresponding functionalities.

Exploring Different User Roles

In the Demo Environment, you'll encounter three distinct user roles:

  1. Teamflect Administrator (Head of HR): This role oversees the administrative aspects of Teamflect. You can explore how settings and configurations are managed from an administrative standpoint.

  2. People Manager (Head of Marketing): As a people manager, you'll experience assigning tasks, setting goals, providing feedback, and managing your team's performance.

  3. Individual Contributor (Marketing Coordinator): This role focuses on executing tasks, receiving feedback, and collaborating within the team.

Customized Demo Environments

Each demo user has their own set of customized data, including goals, feedback, tasks, reviews, notes, meetings, and more. You have the freedom to edit, delete, change, or add new data to these environments to understand how settings and modules function.

Switching Between Demo Users

To fully experience how relationships work within Teamflect, you can easily switch between the three demo users. This allows you to see how configurations take place when a manager assigns a task or reviews a direct report, providing valuable insights into user interactions and workflow dynamics.

You can always go back to your real account to apply the features you have experienced in the demo environment:

The Demo Environment in Teamflect offers a risk-free space for users to explore the app's capabilities and functionalities. If you're a global administrator or a scoped administrator, this environment allows you to familiarize yourself with the app's features, experiment with different scenarios, and enhance your understanding of how Teamflect can empower your team.

So go ahead, dive into the Demo Environment, and unleash your creativity in exploring the full potential of Teamflect!

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