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What are the differences in Teamflect subscription plans?
What are the differences in Teamflect subscription plans?
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Teamflect offers you two subscription plans, which are Free and Pro.

If you want to use Teamflect for free, you can do so for up to 10 users with full functionality. The Basic Plan includes all Teamflect modules. These modules are 1-on-1โ€™s, goals, tasks, reviews, surveys, feedback, recognitions, and notes. The basic plan also includes Microsoft Teams and Outlook integration, admin access, and customization functionalities.

However, if you want to have more than 10 users on the platform, you need to move to our Pro Plan, which includes everything in our Basic Plan plus a usage analytics dashboard and data export functionality.

When you initiate a subscription with our Pro Plan, you will have:

  • Priority email and phone support,

  • An assigned customer success manager who will deliver,

  • Customized onboarding planning,

  • End-user training sessions,

  • Feedback and Q&A sessions whenever needed.

The price of the monthly pro plan is 6.5 dollars per user per month, and the price of our annual plan is 5 dollars per month.

You can check this article to get Teamflect licenses by making payments with Stripe.

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