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How can I see the tasks assigned to my team?
How can I see the tasks assigned to my team?
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Teamflect is excited to introduce a new feature that enhances task management and delegation within your organization.

With the "Assigned to my team" tab in the Tasks module, you can now conveniently view and manage tasks that are assigned to your direct reports.

Whether these tasks are assigned by you as their manager or by other colleagues in the company, this feature streamlines task tracking and boosts collaboration.

This article will guide you through the process of accessing and utilizing this new feature.

Step 1:Navigate to the Tasks Module

Once you're logged in, locate and select the "Tasks" module from the main navigation menu. This will take you to the default view of your tasks titled ''Assigned to me.''

Step 2: Click "Assigned to my team" Tab

In the Tasks module, you'll notice a new tab labeled "Assigned to my team." Click on this tab to access the tasks that are specifically assigned to your direct reports.

Upon accessing the "Assigned to my team" tab, you'll see a list of tasks that are assigned to members of your team. This includes tasks assigned by you as well as tasks assigned by others in the organization.

To enhance your view, you can sort and filter the tasks based on various parameters. Use the sorting options to arrange tasks by due date, labels, or other relevant criteria. Additionally, you can apply filters to focus on specific team members or task attributes.

  • The "Assigned to my team" tab in the Tasks module of Teamflect provides a comprehensive and organized view of tasks assigned to your direct reports.

  • Whether you're a manager looking to track your team's progress or a team member collaborating on shared tasks, this feature simplifies task management and enhances communication.

  • By utilizing sorting, filtering, and task detail views, you can effectively oversee and participate in your team's task workflow.

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