What is a focus people?
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When you log in to Teamflect, we show you your manager and your direct reports (if you have any).

Note: If you don't see your manager and your direct reports auto-populated, it means that your organization structure has not been uploaded to Microsoft Teams. You can share this article with your IT administrators to upload the organization structure in bulk. We also know that there are other people that you work frequently with such as your mentor, mentee, etc. To help you track your relationship better with these people, we developed a concept called "Focus People".

You can click any of the default tags and add your other colleagues using these tags. When added, other party will start appearing under your Focus Person section, please see below:

The other party may or may not receive a notification based on the focus person tag that you have chosen. These tags can be customized by your Teamflect Administrators and be configured to provide access to your performance data in Teamflect such as the feedback, recognition you received, your performance review data, etc.

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