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How can I enable 1-1 Check-ins to be used in Meetings?
How can I enable 1-1 Check-ins to be used in Meetings?
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This dynamic feature revolutionizes your 1-on-1 meetings, turning them into impactful, real-time feedback sessions.

Admin Configuration:

As the admin, you hold the reins to configure tailored questions within the admin center. This empowers meeting participants to engage in regular, insightful check-ins.

Here's the breakdown:

1. Access Meetings Module:

Navigate to the admin center and find the Meetings module.

2. Enable Check-ins:

Toggle on the "Enable Check-ins in 1-on-1 Meetings" feature.

3. Customize Questions:

Tailor questions to suit your team's specific needs and objectives.

Click '' + Add New Check-in Template'' to set your questions.

Then, start typing your questions. You can select from different question types, such as freeform, multiple choice, rating, and ranking.

If you want, you can also add a description under your questions.

4. User Interface:

End-users view previous check-ins on the meeting page.

Additionally, they can select from curated templates on their meeting page and add the check-in to the meeting with a simple click.

5. Real-time Insights:

By adding the desired check-in template to their meetings, both parties can answer the questions and have real-time feedback sessions.

Key Use Cases:

- Employee Engagement: Gather feedback on workplace satisfaction and team dynamics to enhance morale.

- Performance Development: Track progress and offer personalized support for professional growth.

- Wellness and Work-Life Balance: Discuss workload distribution and stress levels to promote employee well-being.

- Diversity and Inclusion: Encourage open dialogue around company culture and foster inclusivity.

- Training and Development: Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and support skill enhancement.

- Feedback and Recognition: Provide avenues for constructive feedback and celebrate achievements to boost motivation.

With 1-1 Check-ins, elevate your meetings to new heights, driving collaboration, growth, and success within your team.

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