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How can I disable private recognitions in Teamflect?
How can I disable private recognitions in Teamflect?
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Private recognition functionality allows your users to send recognitions that are only visible to the receiver, receiver's manager, receiver's skip-level manager, and Teamflect administrators. This functionality can be useful when people want to recognize each other about confidential projects, and when there is sensitive data that should not be visible to the other members of the organization.

If you want to disable this functionality, please go to Teamflect Admin Center

Step 1

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Recognitions" tab.

Step 2

In the recognitions section, turn off the "Enable private recognitions" option to disable private recognitions.

Step 3

When you turn this functionality off, your users will not see the "Private recognition" option anymore inside the "New recognition" pop-up window.

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