[FOR ADMINS] How can I remove users from Teamflect?

Teamflect only allows a certain number of unique users in its database for every customer and this number is determined based on the number of licenses your organization has - 10 for free tier customers, and the number of purchased licenses for the paid customers.

Whenever the unique user count in our database reaches this limit for your organization, new users trying to log in to Teamflect will fail. To prevent this, you need to remove users from Teamflect's database by simply going to our admin center https://admin.teamflect.com

Then navigate to "Users" page.

At the top, you will see the unique user number from your organization vs. your limit

You will be able to search and find all Teamflect users from your company using the search bar above the table

When you find the user you want to remove, click the red "Delete" button and then click confirm using the pop-up window.

Note: When you delete a user, this action doesn't prevent future sign-in actions performed by this user. This action is more suitable for removing users who have left your organization, not for blocking user access to Teamflect.

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