[FOR ADMINS] What are the different administrator roles and how can I add more administrators to Teamflect?

Detailed Comparison Chart of User Role Access Levels

There are 5 different roles in Teamflect:

  1. User - This role does not have any administrator permissions. Users can't see the "Admin Center" button on the bottom left of their Teamflect application. 
  2. Scoped Administrator - Members of this role can change the Teamflect configurations of the specific departments to which they have been granted access. They can also access all the data created by Teamflect users from the selected departments. Members of this role can view the department and user-related data in both Teamflect usage reports and within the Teamflect application. However, they do not have the ability to change user roles.
  3. Global Administrator - Members of this role can change all the Teamflect configurations and can access all the data created by Teamflect users. Members of this role can see user-related data both in Teamflect usage reports and inside the Teamflect application. 
  4. Configuration Editor - Members of this role can only change the Teamflect configurations but can't access the data created by Teamflect users. This role does not have access to Teamflect reports. 
  5. Report reader - Members of this role can't change Teamflect configurations, but can access all the data created by Teamflect users. Report readers may have department-specific access if needed and this will allow them to only see the reports for the department(s) selected. 
For the Scoped Administrators and Report Readers, it is possible to relate the roles to user attributes selected such as Country, Department or Office location. When you select a custom access type, you can assign country- or location-specific access and department-specific permissions to enhance administrative control and facilitate efficient management. This feature enables a more targeted and localized approach to overseeing operations, ensuring effective supervision at various geographical levels.

In this way, you can guarantee that Scoped Admins and Report Readers (individuals with access limited to the Reports section within the admin center) possess the required permissions to oversee and manage operations within their designated country or location.

For more information on granting Country, Department and Office Location to user roles, please read https://help.teamflect.com/article/352-for-global-admins-granting-country-or-location-specific-access-to-scoped-admins-and-report-readers.

To add or remove Teamflect administrators, go to Teamflect's Admin Center - https://admin.teamflect.com

Click "Users" on the left navigation bar.

Find the user using the search bar and click on the pen icon next to the Role to change the user role.

When the pop-up dialog opens, click the drop-down menu, change the user's role, and click "Confirm".

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