How can I add related tasks to a goal?

Teamflect makes it easy to relate tasks to goals so that you know what you should be working on to achieve your goals.

You have two options to relate a task to a goal

  1. While creating a task or updating an existing task
  2. While seeing goal details

Within the Tasks Module - While creating a new task or updating an existing task 

When you are creating a new task, you will see a field at the bottom of the pop-up window - "Related goal"

Open the dropdown menu, select the goal that you want to add as a related goal, and hit "Create".

Within the Goals Module - On the Goal Card

When you click an existing goal, you will see a section to relate a task to a goal

Click "Add" and create a new task. When you do so, your new task will start appearing on the right-hand side of the goal card.

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