[FOR ADMINS] How can I give administrator consent for Teamflect?

Teamflect needs to have access to the data residing in Office 365 to show your users the company directory, the most relevant users to them, etc. This access will also be needed when Teamflect administrators want to deploy reviews centrally to all your company employees.

Normally, when your users try to login into Teamflect for the first time, they will be asked to give consent to Teamflect, so that our application can access their data.

Below you can see an example:

To log in to Teamflect, your users will need to click accept and give consent for Teamflect. Giving administrator consent as the Microsoft365 administrator will not only help your users bypass this dialog but also will enable your Teamflect administrators to centrally deploy reviews.

To give administrator consent on behalf of your users please go to: https://portal.azure.com

Search for Enterprise Applications

When you click, you will see a list of all the applications that your end-users are using. Find Teamflect in the list, and click to open.

Note: You will not be able to find Teamflect in the Azure portal if no one from your company has ever logged in to Teamflect before. If this is the case you can go to https://app.teamflect.com/getstarted to be the first person from your company. After you log in successfully, you may need to refresh this page to see Teamflect listed. 

Click “Permissions” on the left navigation pane.

Click the “Grant admin consent” button to give consent on behalf of your users.

Here is a list of all the permissions requested by Teamflect

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