[FOR ADMINS] How can I install Teamflect to all our users?

Installing Teamflect for all your users will increase Teamflect adoption in your company as your users will not need to install it themselves.

To install Teamflect for your users, go to https://admin.teams.microsoft.com

Note: You need to have administrative permissions to perform this action

Click "Teams app" on the left menu and then click "Setup policies". If you want to pin Teamflect for everyone, you can click the "Global" policy, otherwise, create a separate Setup policy and assign it to your users individually.

Click "+Add apps" in the "Installed apps" section

Search for Teamflect and click "Add" 

Then click "Add" at the bottom

It can take up to 24 hours to reflect to your end-users' Microsoft Teams clients. If you encounter any issues, you can create a ticket to Microsoft for help.

You can visit Microsoft's official documentation to learn more.

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