[FOR ADMINS] How can I change the preferred 1-on-1 frequency between managers and direct reports?

As a Teamflect admin, you can select your company's desired 1-on-1 frequency to send automated reminders to your managers. The value you set shows the maximum number of weeks possible between two consecutive 1-on-1 meetings. By changing this, you set the bare minimum for your managers. When we don't detect a 1-on-1 meeting in a period longer than what you selected, your managers will start receiving 1-on-1 meeting suggestion notifications. Below, you can see an example of such a notification:

To set the desired 1-on-1 meeting frequency, simply go to https://admin.teamflect.com/#/oneononesettings

Under the "Meetings" section, find "Preferred 1-on-1 frequency between managers and direct reports" and select a value.

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