How can I set my desired 1-on-1 meeting frequency?

You can select a default value for all your 1-on-1 meetings and you can also a different frequency for your direct reports and focus people.

To change the default value, click the "User settings" button located at the bottom left of the Teamflect home page.

Then scroll down and change the 1-on-1 frequency value you see on the page using the drop-down menu.

You can also open a user's "User page" by clicking on their name on the home page or by searching their name in "User search" module. When you open a user's "User page", you will see an option to choose your desired 1-on-1 frequency.

After you set your desired 1-on-1 frequency, Teamflect will start sending reminders if it can't identify a 1-on-1 meeting in your calendar for more than the 1-on-1 frequency value you selected.

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