How can I present a review within a Teams meeting?

To present a review within a Microsoft Teams meeting, follow these simple steps after joining your scheduled Teams meeting.

Step 1

Once you're in the meeting, locate the "Apps" section at the top rail of the meeting interface.

Step 2

In the "Apps" section, search for "Teamflect" and add it to the meeting by selecting it.

Step 3

After adding Teamflect, you'll see the Teamflect logo within the meeting interface. Click on the Teamflect logo.

Step 4

A menu will appear, and you'll find an option that says "Present [User Name]'s Latest Reviews."

Step 5

Click on this option to access a list of review cycles and choose the specific review cycle you want to present within the meeting.

Step 6

The selected review, along with its results, ratings, feedback, and comments, will be presented within the Teams meeting for discussion.

By following these steps, you can easily present a review within a Microsoft Teams meeting for productive discussions and feedback sessions.

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