How can I see all my recurring tasks and the recurrence rules?

Managing recurring tasks efficiently is crucial for staying organized and ensuring that important activities are completed on time. Teamflect provides a simple way to view all your recurring tasks. Here's how you can do it after visiting the Tasks module.

Step 1: Locate "My Recurrence Rules"

In the "Tasks" module, you'll notice various options and features to help you organize your tasks. To view all your recurring tasks, look for the "My Recurrence Rules" option. It's typically located at the right-top corner of the module.Step 2: Click on "My Recurrence Rules"

Once you've identified the "My Recurrence Rules" option, click on it. This action will show you a pop-up where you can see a list of all your recurring tasks and their associated recurrence rules. You can easily edit the recurrence rules or delete the rule permanently. Deleting it will not affect your current tasks, but will stop the tasks from being recreated.

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