How can I create sets of tasks in Teamflect

In Teamflect, you have the ability to create sets of tasks to effectively manage and assign work to your employees. Task groups help you organize related tasks for specific cases and streamline the assignment process. This help article will guide you through the steps of creating task groups in Teamflect.

Note: If this feature is new to you, keep in mind that the Teamflect team has set up a default task group. This will help you grasp the function of task groups and what they offer.

Here's how you can create sets of tasks in Teamflect:

Step 1: Visit the Admin Center and Find the Tasks Module 

Start by logging into your Teamflect account and accessing the Admin Center at Once you're in the Admin Center, locate the Tasks module. This module allows you to manage tasks and task groups for your organization.

Step 2: Click "See/Create Task Groups" 

Within the Tasks module, click on the "See/Create Task Groups" button. This will direct you to the task group management page, where you can view existing task groups and create new ones. 

Step 4: Create a New Task Group 

On the task group management page, click the "New Task Group" button. This action will open a new task group creation form. 

Step 5: Name the Task Group 

In the task group creation form, provide a descriptive name for the task group. Choose a name that accurately represents the purpose or theme of the tasks within the group. The employee cannot see the name of the task group.

Step 6: Create Tasks 

After naming the task group, now it's time to create individual tasks. Click '' + Create new'' and follow the steps below for each task: 

a. Select the Assigner: Determine who will be responsible for assigning these tasks to the employees. 

You have three options to choose from:

  • Selected User in the Organization: A specific user within your organization will be shown as the assigner of the tasks.
  • Manager of the Employee: The manager of the employee will be shown as the assigner of the tasks.
  • System-Assigned: This allows the system to automatically assign tasks by Teamflect administrators. 

b. Provide Task Details: Enter the task title, description, and due date for each task and click ''Create''.

Step 7: Assign the Task Group 

After saving the set of tasks, you will be directed back to the "Task Groups" section. Locate the task group you just created and click the "Assign" button to assign the task group to specific user(s). 

Step 8: Select User(s) for Assignment 

In the assignment interface, you can manually select the user(s) who should receive the tasks within the group. Choose the appropriate user(s) based on their roles, responsibilities, and availability. 

Keep in mind that the same task group can be assigned to the same individuals if needed later on. Simply follow the same steps outlined above. 

Once you've selected the user(s), confirm the assignment, and the tasks will be assigned accordingly. 

By following these steps, you can easily create sets of tasks and assign them to the relevant individuals or managers within your organization. This will help streamline workflow management and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently.

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