How to access surveys on 1-1 meeting pages and user profiles in Teamflect?

Teamflect has a feature that allows users to conveniently access surveys within the platform. With this feature, you can view surveys related to 1-1 meetings and user profiles, providing valuable insights into team dynamics and individual feedback. In this help article, we will guide you through the process of accessing surveys on both the 1-1 meeting pages and user profiles in Teamflect.

1. Viewing Surveys on 1-1 Meeting Pages 

You can easily access them directly from the 1-on-1 meeting page. Here's how:

Step 1: Navigate to the desired 1-1 meeting through the Meetings module.

Step 2: On the meeting page, select the desired meeting and click on it. 

Step 3: Locate the "Surveys" section. Step 3: Within the "Surveys" section, you will find the relevant survey(s) linked to that particular user. 

Step 4: Click on it to access the survey details and responses.

By following these steps, you can conveniently view and analyze the surveys associated with your 1-1 meetings, gaining valuable insights into the feedback received.

2. Accessing Surveys on User Profiles 

Teamflect allows you to view surveys filled out by users, even if they are not your direct reports. There are two options to access surveys on user profiles:

Step 1: Begin by searching for the user whose survey you wish to view. 

Step 2: Once you have located the user, navigate to their profile. 

Step 3: On the user's profile, find the "Surveys" section. Here, you will find all the surveys associated with the user. Click on the survey name to access the survey details and responses. 

By following these options, you can easily access surveys completed by users, providing valuable feedback and insights into their experiences and perspectives.

The ability to view surveys on 1-1 meeting pages and user profiles in Teamflect offers a convenient way to access and analyze valuable feedback. By following the steps outlined in this help article, you can easily navigate to the relevant surveys, gaining insights into team dynamics, and individual feedback. Use this feature to enhance communication, address concerns, and foster a more productive and engaged team environment in Teamflect.

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