[FOR ADMINS] How can I enable 1-on-1 meeting filtering by keyword list?

As the Teamflect admin, you can enable 1-on-1 meeting filtering by keyword. By adding the keywords you want to filter through the Admin center, you can only display 1-on-1 meetings that contain these keywords in the meeting subject. This setting does not affect 1-to-many meetings.

You can enable 1-on-1 meeting filtering by keyword by simply going to https://admin.teamflect.com/#/oneononesettings

Here you can see the "Allow filtering 1-on-1 meeting filtering by keywords" button.

You can add the keywords by activating this button. Please turn the button on and select "Add/edit keywords".

You can add new keywords using the "Add New Keyword" button in the opened tab and save these keywords by clicking the "Save" button.

Now, on the Teamflect home page and in the meetings module, 1-on-1 meetings containing the keywords you have added here will be listed.

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