How can I edit the weights of my own and my team's goals?

If you are authorized by the Admin center to edit the goal weights, you can set the weights of your own goals under the "My goals" tab.

To edit goal weights, open the Teamflect application and go to the "Goals" module. Click on the "My goals" tab.

Here you can see the "Set/edit goal weights" button under the overall progress section. You can edit the weights of the goals by clicking this button.

First choose a period and then choose the "Calculation Type".

  1. Distribute Weights Equally:
    • With this option, the weight of goals will be divided equally among them.
    • It ensures a uniform distribution of importance or priority across all selected goals.
  2. Set Custom Weights:
    • This option provides flexibility, allowing you to individually set the weight for each goal according to its significance.
    • After adjusting the goal weights to your preference, remember to save the changes by pressing the submit button.

You can see the goal weights you edited here.

If you are a people manager, you can also edit the goal weights of the people in your team.

In order to do that, you can search for a user from the "User search" section and go to that user's page. And you can find the section where the goals are in the user page and edit the goal weights from there.

Note: Remember to select a period before editing goal weights.

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