How can I add 9-box grid to a review ?

You can enable the 9-box grid for the result section of the review. To enable the 9-box grid please go to Teamflect Admin Center

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Reviews" tab. 
Click "Start new review cycle".

When the page opens, you will see the existing templates. If you want to use one of the existing templates, you can click the "Start" button to start a review that uses that template, or u can click the "pen" icon to edit the existing review templates.
If you want to create a new review template and start, please click the "+ Create new template & start new cycle" button located at the top of the page.

When you click this button, a new review window will open.

Please proceed to step 5, the review result section, and enable 9-box.

If there are instructions about the 9-box section, write them in the instructions section. Then you can edit the 9-boxes grid namings by clicking the boxes. After customizing the grid namings, you can check the box if you want the results of this 9-box grid to be visible to the reviewee.

This is how the 9 box grid looks in the review.

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