What are the differences between goals and tasks?

Goals/OKRs and tasks are two concepts that are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different. A goal is a broad, long-term objective that a person or organization hopes to achieve. It is something that is generally achieved over some time, and it requires a series of smaller tasks to be completed to reach the final objective.


  • Definition: Goals are overarching, long-term objectives that individuals or teams aim to achieve.
  • Nature: Broad and abstract, requiring extensive planning and preparation.
  • Timeframe: Typically achieved over weeks, months, or even years.
  • Significance: Considered more important, with a greater impact on the individual or organization.


  • Definition: Tasks are specific, actionable items designed to progress towards the accomplishment of a goal.
  • Nature: More concrete and focused, often completed in a shorter period.
  • Timeframe: Usually accomplished in a matter of days or hours.
  • Significance: Generally less important, daily objectives with a more limited scope compared to goals.

Implementation in Teamflect:

  • Goals Module:
    • Select the type of goal: individual, self-development, or company goals. 
    • Track progress through smaller tasks linked to the goal. 
    • Associate goals with other main goals or specific groups. 
  • Task Module:
    • Assign tasks to specific individuals with a set due date.
    • Associate tasks with a goal, identifying their role in achieving broader objectives. 

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