[FOR ADMINS] How can I change the reviewer of the review ?

When the review cycle is created, the review's reviewer is the reviewee's manager. If you are a Teamflect administrator, you can assign a different reviewer for the review by editing the reviewer section after the review cycle is created. To change the reviewer of the review you should first find the desired review. Please go to Teamflect Admin Center https://admin.teamflect.com

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Reviews" tab.  

Click "See existing cycles".

When the page opens, you will see existing review cycles that have been created by you or by other Teamflect administrators.

Find the review cycle that you are interested in and click the "See/update reviews" button.

You will see all the reviewers that are included in this review along with the reviewees, status and finalized at data. To change the reviewer, click the pencil icon next to the reviewer.

Write the name of the new reviewer in the box that opens, select it and click the "change" button.

This way you can easily change the review reviewer.

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