How can I see the goals of my department?

You can view the goals created within the company on a departmental basis by using the "Department" button in the Teamflect Goals module. By selecting the department you want to view, you can reach the goals owned by people in that department. 

For this first select "Goals" from the left side menu. 

Then select "Department" from the buttons above. 

The department you work in will appear as "My department (......)". Your department information is pulled from Microsoft Teams.

Note: If you believe that the department information is not correct, please contact your Microsoft Teams administrators.

The departments under the "My department" tab are other departments within the company. If the people working in a department do not have a goal, you cannot see the name of that department. When a goal is assigned to someone working in that department, the department name will appear under the "My department" tab.

You can select the desired department and view the goals owned by people in that department.

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