How can I set the visibility of the feedback requests I created for my direct reports?

You can set the visibility of feedback you've requested for another member of your team. To set up visibility, you must first create a feedback request. For this, click on the "Feedback" module in the left side menu.

Then click on the "New Feedback" button on the right side.

To create a feedback request for direct reports, select the "Ask for Feedback" button and choose "Someone on my team".

After filling in the necessary parts of the request, you will see the "Visibility" section. In the Visibility section, you can set who can view the feedback you have requested. As you can see below, you can choose one of these three options.

  1. Feedback results are visible to me and anonymously visible to the receiver - This option allows both you, as the requester, and the receiver to view the feedback responses, but the identity of the feedback provider remains anonymous to the receiver.
  2. Feedback results are only visible to me - With this option, as the person requesting the feedback, you will be the only one who can see the feedback provider's identity and their responses.
  3. Feedback results are visible both to me and the feedback receiver - This option grants both the requester and the receiver full visibility of the feedback results, including the identity of the feedback provider and their responses.

After adjusting the visibility, you can create your feedback request by clicking the "Request" button.

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