How can I create a new note in Teamflect?

With Teamflect's Notes module, you can take notes related to your teammates, yourself and the 1-on-1 meetings you have. To create a new note, first, open the Teamflect and click the Notes section on the left side menu.

Then click the “New Note” button on the right side of the screen.

rite the name of the team member you want to send the note to or click “This is a note about myself” to create a note for yourself.

Then, write your note in the shared note box. Finally, if you want your note to remain private, you can click the private check mark. Don’t forget, private notes are only visible to you.

Your note is ready. You can click the “Save Note” button to save the note.

If you want, you can also view the notes on the user page of specific users. To view notes, select the user on the homepage of Teamflect and click on it.

Find the "See notes about. . ." section and click it.

Here you can see the notes you have taken about this person.

If you want, you can also access your notes in the review module. To do this, first, open "Reviews" module from the menu on the left. 

Then select a review that you are the reviewer of the review and click it.

Click on "See notes about..." at the top right and view your notes about that person.

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