[FOR ADMINS] How can I limit the people that can create company goals?

Company goals are more inclusive than other goals and concern all employees in the company. For this reason, you can limit the people who will create a company goal.

To change this setting, click on the "Admin Center" button in the left side menu of Teamflect.

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Goals" tab. 

Click on the ''Manage goal types'' option. 

Here, you will be able to see what goal types there are in your Teamflect account. Find the ''Company goal'' type and click on the ''Pen'' icon the edit its usage by the end-users. 

Next, navigate to the ''Who can add this goal'' section on the edit screen and make the necessary changes from the following options: 

1. Everyone - Indicates that there are no limits for anyone in the company to assign a company goal to other people. 

2. Managers & Admins - Indicates that only the people with the managerial role and Teamflect admins can assign company goals. 

3. Admins only - Indicates that only the Teamflect admins can assign company goals to the company. 

When done, someone who is not an admin in your company will not be able to see the "company goal" button when they create a new goal. Thus, these people cannot create a company goal. 

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