[FOR ADMINS] How can I disable the help beacon inside of Teamflect?

If you have permission to access the” Admin Center” in Teamflect, you can choose whether to show the ‘help beacon’ within the application. To edit this setting, click on the "Admin Center" button in the left side menu of Teamflect. 

Click on the "General settings" section.

You can find the  “Show help beacon in application” panel in the “General Settings” section. 

You can choose any of the 3 options in this menu:

  • You can hide the help beacon completely. 
  • You can show the help beacon. 
  • You can show the support section only in the help beacon.

If you choose "show support section only", you can only see "support" when you click on the help beacon. You cannot access the help articles.

When you select “show help beacon”, you can see both “help articles” and “support” buttons at the top.

Note: The changes you have made here only affect the end-user. When you hide the help beacon from here, the help beacon in the admin panel will not be hidden.

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