How does Teamflect - Microsoft To Do integration work and how can I enable/disable this functionality?

You can sync your Teamflect tasks with Microsoft To Do and manage all your tasks in one place. With this functionality, all the tasks assigned to you in Teamflect will appear in Microsoft To Do (or Tasks by Planner and To Do) under an automatically created task list called "Your Teamflect Tasks".

When you update, delete or mark a task as completed in Teamflect or in Microsoft To Do, it will be updated in both applications at the same time so that you don't need to update the status or task details in two different places. When you add a task to the Teamflect list in Microsoft To Do, this task will be synced to Teamflect and assigned to you.

Which information is synced between Teamflect and Microsoft To Do?

  • Task title
  • Task description
  • Name of the task creator
  • Task deadline date
  • Task status

Which information is NOT synced between Teamflect and Microsoft To Do?

  • Task priority information and task checklist content in Microsoft To Do is NOT synced to Teamflect

  • Task type time information (individually assigned, group task), task deadline time, and related group information of a task in Teamflect are NOT synced to Microsoft To Do.

How can I enable/disable the integration between Teamflect and Microsoft To Do?

This integration is ON by default for users who first logged in to Teamflect after April 5th, 2022. If you logged in to Teamflect before this date, you need to take action to enable this functionality. To check if this functionality is on or off, please go to "User settings"

When the page opens, you will the setting for this integration under "General settings" and will be able to turn it on or off.

If you don't see the above toggle, it means that Teamflect needs your permission to access your Microsoft To Do data (see below).

When you click  the "Give permission" button, you will see a new dialog asking for your permission to reach your Microsoft To Do data. Click "Accept" to permit Teamflect.

After you click "Accept", you will log in to Teamflect one more time and see the below pop-up window. Click "Yes" to start syncing your Teamflect tasks with Microsoft To Do.

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