[FOR ADMINS] How can I create goals in bulk?

If you are a Teamflect administrator, you can upload the goals in bulk. To bulk upload, click on the "Admin Center" button in the left side menu of Teamflect. 

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Goals" tab. 

Here you can see the " Import goals from Excel file” section. 

First, download the bulk upload template to your computer using the "Download template" button.

There are 17 columns from right to left in the opened Excel file. These columns are "reference ID, goal owner, goal creator, visibility, goal type, goal title, description, measurement type, currency code, start value, current value, target value, goal start date, goal end date, goal labels, and parent goal reference ID, and goal wieght”.

You must fill in these columns completely so that the goals can be imported into the application without errors. 

First of all, you should create a reference ID number as much as the number of new goals you will upload.

For example, if you are going to upload 10 new goals, you should write the reference ID number from 1 to 10. Existing goals do not have reference numbers. For this reason, we recommend that you only bulk upload new goals.

Afterward, you must fill in the goal owner and goal creator fields. You can write e-mail addresses in these sections. 

After completing this step, you must select the goal type. You can select one of 3 types (self-development goal, individual goal, company goal) for your goals by using the multiple-choice button. 

Then adjust the visibility settings. 

1. Public: Visible to everyone under ''All goals'' or ''Company goals'' tab depending on the goals type. Alternatively, it'll be accessible when the goal owner's Teamflect profile is visited. 

2. Public with private comment: The title of the goal is visible to everyone but the comment section is visible to the goal owner, goal owner's managerial hierarchy, and Teamflect admins. 

3. Private: The goal is visible to the goal owner, goal owner's managerial hierarchy, and Teamflect admins. If it's a department goal, then all the other people in the same department will have visibility over it. 

Next, fill in the goal title and description fields.

Then you can select the measurement type. You can select one of 6 types (percent, value, currency, 0/1, subgoal progress, by task progress). 

Next, you must set start and end dates for the goals.

After this step, enter the start, current and target values for the goals.

Note: If the goal’s measurement type is subgoal or task-dependent, you can enter a start value of 0 and a target value of 100.

Then, optionally, type the labels for the goals. The labels should be pre-created before filling out this template. You can apply multiple labels with a comma.

Next, if you want to link your goal to a parent goal, you should write the parent goal's reference ID (in column A) in the "Parent Goal Reference ID" section.

In the example below, the ''Increase Lead Generation'' goal is the parent goal while the ''Improve interpersonal skills'' is a connected subgoal to it thanks to the reference IDs being a match. 

Finally, you can assign different goal weights based on the goals' importance or priority. Depending on the custom goal weight assigned within the goal bulk upload template, the overall goal progress of the goal owners will be calculated accordingly. 

Now you are ready to upload the goals. Save the Excel file you have created. Then go back to the Admin Center and click the "Choose file" button. Select and confirm the Excel file you created.

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