How can I relate a goal to a group of people (Microsoft Teams team)?

Teamflect lets you relate your goals to a team/group. This can be a project team or a departmental team that you or someone else in your organization has created in Microsoft Teams.

This functionality lets you see all the goals that have been marked with the group's name. If you work in a team and want to see all the goals that are related to this team, this functionality can be quite handy.

When you want to relate a goal to a group, all you need to do is find that goal and click it. When the goal details pop-up opens, find the "Related groups" section on the right-hand side.

When you click the drop-down menu, you will see all the Microsoft Teams teams that you are a member of. Select the group of your interest.

If the goal should be related to more than one group, you can select multiple groups using the drop-down menu.

After you complete this step, the goal that you have just related will start appearing under that group's tab in Teamflect.

If you want to see these goals inside of a Microsoft Teams channel, you need to click the "+" button in your desired channel.

Find Teamflect in the list and click to add it to your channel.

After you add Teamflect as a tab to your channel, it will automatically detect the channel name and bring the relevant goals.

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