[FOR ADMINS] How can I change the default feedback expiration time or let our end-users set their own?

You can edit and change the default feedback expiration time. To change the default feedback expiration time, please go to Teamflect Admin Center https://admin.teamflect.com

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click "Feedback" tab. 

Find the "Set default feedback request expiration time" option and change it. The default value set by Teamflect is 2 weeks. You can select a value between 1-8 weeks.

Note: It is currently not available to create feedback requests without an expiration period.

If you enable the "Allow users override the default feedback request due dates" option, they will be able to set their feedback request expiration duration while creating a new request.

If you disable this functionality, this due date selection option will not be visible to your end-users.

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