Administrator consent requirement for the "Group goals" functionality

Teamflect lets user relate their goals to a Microsoft Teams team that they are a member of. This functionality can be very convenient if users want to track the goals related to their project teams.

To use this functionality, users need to use the drop-down menu inside of a goal pop-up to select the relevant Microsoft Teams team. However, this functionality requires administrator consent, and administrator consent can only be given by the Microsoft 365 administrators of a company.

You can copy and share the below content with your company's Microsoft 365 administrator:

We would like to use the "Group goals" functionality in Teamflect which will allow us to relate the goals that we track in Teamflect to our project teams in Microsoft Teams.

To give administrator consent, you can follow the instructions in this article -


You can click this link to open your mail editor with the above content. Please don't forget to change the email address.

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