What are the different goal measurement types?

All goals are different from each other and to cater to your needs, there are different goal measurement types that you can choose while you are creating a goal for yourself or someone else.

You can find different goal measurement types in the "New goal" or "Edit goal" pop-ups.

There are 6 different goal measurement types you can select in Teamflect:

See some examples below:

  • Percent - "Increase monthly satisfied customer percentage" - Initial: 60, Target: 80
  • Value - "Increase customer satisfaction score" -  Initial: 6.5, Target 8.5
  • Currency - "Reduce monthly marketing cost" - Initial: 5000 USD, Target: 4000 USD
  • 0/1 - "Won the Marketing Excellence Award" - Yes, No
  • Roll-up from subgoal progress - "Make Contoso the best company to work" - Subgoal1: "Reduce churn rate", Subgoal2: "Increase employee engagement"
  • Roll-up from task progress - "Finalize review evaluations on time" - Related task1: "Submit outstanding reviews", Related task2: "Complete Excel files"

Note: When you select Subgoal progress or Task progress, you will not be able to set Initial and Target values as the progress will be determined by the completion progress of the subgoals or tasks created and assigned accordingly. When a parent goal has two subgoals, completing the first subgoal at 50% will result in the parent goal being completed at 25%.

After you create the goal, you need to click "Add new" to create subgoals

or click the "Add" button to add new tasks that you will use to measure the goal's progress.

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