How can I share our 1-on-1 meeting link with a colleague?

When you arrange your 1-on-1 meeting using Teamflect, it automatically pastes the meeting link to the meeting invite body (since December 2021). All your colleague needs to do is clicking the link to open the Teamflect's 1-on-1 meeting page.

If you arranged your 1-on-1 meeting using Outlook, Teamflect can still identify that 1-on-1 meeting but there will be no link created for that meeting until you click the "Share" button inside of Teamflect's 1-on-1 page.

You will have 2 options when you click the "Share" button:

When you click the first option, the other party will receive an email and a Teams notification from Teamflect's bot that looks like the below:

Optionally, you can also copy the link to the meeting and share it with your colleague in an instant Teams chat message. When clicked, your colleague will land on Teamflect's meeting page.

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